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empowering women in developing countries

We work alongside established non-profit partners in developing countries who help us find women in need. We provide business training to equip women with tools on how to start a successful business. 

We believe that everybody deserves the opportunity to provide for their family. 

Our vision is to empower women who will make a difference in their communities,

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Business Consulting

We provide business training and 0% interest loans for women who want to start a business. We believe that education and training brings long term success. Women will have access to a business mentor in their town.

Because everyone deserves the opportunity to provide for their family


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Why not give someone a chance?

 At capitalHOPE we're equipping women in developing countries to create sustainable businesses by providing business education and loans.





Nadia Tari, Founder

Nadia first visited Africa in 2008 and the culture and people captured her heart immediately. She spent the first few months just washing street kids and feeding them. For the next three years, she traveled throughout Rwanda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Mozambique. She had the privilege of working with orphans, young women from all walks of life, and different tribal groups. During her stay in Mozambique in 2010, Nadia met her husband, David. Throughout the years of her ministry in Africa, she witnessed many wonders and miracles. She was blown away by the beauty and strength of the African people. She met women who were raped, abused, and left with children to take care of on their own, but despite their pasts they were still hopeful for a better life. So she dedicated her life to changing the world one person at a time.  

David Tari, Founder

David has worked for some of the largest wealth management firms in America where he has specialized in financial planning and portfolio risk analysis. He co-founded One for One Foundation, which promoted economic development in Argentina by giving microfinance loans and educational resources to entreprenuers. He also lived in Mozambique, Africa to volunteer at an orphanage and created job opportunities and businesses to benefit the youth.

He earned his degree in international business from Pepperdine University and is a member of the Full Gospel Businessmen's Fellowship International.

While traveling throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Africa, David has seen first hand how a small loan can change someone's life for the better.